The crusade of EMDR in Bangladesh is steady in its own pace. We, from EMDR Bangladesh Association are providing trainings on basic Psychotraumatology as a prerequisite to enter in EMDR basic Level training. The structure of the training comprise of three successive course curriculum in Psychotraumatology: 101 (Trauma Informed Care), 201 (Understanding Attachment) and 202 (Stabilization). Last year in 2022, in total 62 participants attended these training (Picture 1). This resulted in organizing EMDR level 1 training in March 2023. It was conducted online by the trainers from EMDR Asia (Picture 2).

This year in January, we also had case supervision by our mentor Hanna Egli from Switzerland (Picture 3). It provides a supportive space for EMDR practitioners in Bangladesh and increase a positive work environment. At present there are 31 active member in EMDR Bangladesh Association. Throughout the year TR/HAP Bangladesh has provided probono session for the training participants of Psychotraumatology that showed urgent need for trauma recovery.

Prepare by Shaheen Islam
Approved by EC EMDR-BD
Date: 28.4.23

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