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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR as it is called in short, is a path breaking tool in psychotherapy. Discovered in 1987 by Dr. Francine Shapiro in the United States of America, this method of healing has proven effective in the treatment of traumatic stress disorders and the effects of disturbing life events. Based on the evidence of controlled research, the American Psychiatric Association and the Department of Veterans Affairs and Defense recommend EMDR as an effective treatment of trauma. Most international health guidelines recommend EMDR as the first line of treatment in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Most countries in the Americas and Europe have national EMDR associations to train, supervise, standardize and upgrade EMDR practitioners.

Asia has been prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, tsunami and other man made disasters such as war, deprivation, various forms of abuse, neglect and betrayal for many years now. All these traumatic events cause cascades of stress and human misery. Based on the Adaptive Information Processing model, EMDR has been used extensively to heal such victims throughout Asia. EMDR is now being taught and utilized in many Asian countries. It is now our initiative to bring together all the Asian EMDR practitioners under the united umbrella of EMDR ASIA. This ongoing endeavour needs your support and patronage. Please check this website for the latest update on EMDR ASIA.

– Forward by Dr Sushma Mehrotra, Founder President for EMDR Asia


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How EMDR works ?

EMDR is a form of psychotherapy that was developed to resolve symptoms resulting from disturbing and unresolved life experiences. It uses a structured approach to address past, present, and future aspects of disturbing memories.

The approach was developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro to resolve the development of trauma-related disorders as resulting from exposure to a traumatic or distressing event, such as rape, natural disaster, or childhood trauma. Since Dr. Francine Shapiro introduced EMDR to the clinical community in 1989, the last 25 years have seen a phenomenal research on the effectiveness of this therapy.

Today, EMDR is accepted as a valid method of treatment for PTSD by the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association. And widely used in USA, Europe and many parts of Asia. EMDR therapy is recommended for children, adolescents and adults with PTSD by World Health Organization (W.H.O.), 2013.