“Breaking the Cycle: EMDR Therapy Solutions for Problematic Behaviors-Anger, Violence, Addictions and More…”

Level of Training  EMDR Advance Training
Trainer Mark Nickerson, LICSW
Master Trainer and Former President EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)
Dates of Training A Hybrid Training on 18 &19 May 2024 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan & Online
Rationale Behind Training Problematic behaviors are not just symptoms, but powerful contributors to ongoing difficulties, necessitating immediate attention to facilitate lasting change.
Objective of Training This training focuses on providing advanced EMDR integrated treatment approaches for problematic behaviors, emphasizing the importance of addressing behaviors early in treatment.
Target Audience  All EMDR certified Practitioners, Consultants and Trainers interested in expanding their skill set to effectively address addictive activities, anger/hostility, avoidance, trauma reenactments, and other maladaptive behaviors.
Key Topics
  • Angry/Hostile Behaviors: Domestic violence, abusive parenting, bullying.
  • Addictive Activities: Substance use, love addictions, eating disorders.
  • Avoidance Behaviors: Maladaptive trauma responses, relational reenactments.
  • Impulsive/Compulsive Behaviors: OCD-related behaviors, chronic bad habits.
Approach The training offers a comprehensive framework for understanding the dynamics of problematic behaviors, employing the Cycle Model to assess, engage, and formulate effective treatment plans.
Content Highlights
  • Utilization of EMDR therapy principles, protocols, and procedures to address short and long-term goals.
  • Strategic application of EMDR methods for treating addictions and compulsive behaviors.
  • Review of major protocols and strategies for addictive behavior treatment.
Methodology Interactive sessions with demonstrations of methods taught.
Provision of handouts for practical application and reference.
Benefits for Participants
  • Enhanced clinical skills in addressing problematic behaviors.
  • Improved client engagement and motivation through targeted interventions.
  • Access to a comprehensive framework for effective case formulation and treatment planning.
For more detail Please visit: https://emdradvancedtrainings.com/
Registration Process Interested participants are encouraged to register to gain valuable insights and tools for addressing problematic behaviors using EMDR therapy solutions.
For registration, follow these steps;

  • Step 1: Payment of 100 USD to EMDR Pakistan Association Account (IBAN: PK61NBPA0642003025352644 NATIONAL BANK, RAWALPINDI, PAKISTAN)
    Please note that foreign bank transfer fee will be paid by the applicant as per their local regulations
  • Step 2: Get registered on the given link and attached payment slip
    • https://forms.gle/AEqX1vDVwARSNLtx9
    • For any query, feel free to contact us onDr. Nazia Mustafa
      PhD (School Psychologist)
      Clinical / School Psychologist
      EMDR Therapist, Consultant/ Trainer in EMDR Training
      Secretary General (SG), EMDR Pakistan

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